Unified Payment Interface

AHMEDABAD DISTRICT CO-OPERATIVE BANK LTD. is also part of the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) network and the service can be availed through the third party UPI Apps Like BHIM, Google Pay, Phone Pay. Through this app, users can both send and receive money using a virtual address known as, a Virtual Payment Address (VPA).

UPI has been launched by the National Payments Corporation of India (NCPI) in order encourage cashless and digital transactions in India.


  • Instant money transfer through mobile device.
  • No charges levied by ADC Bank for UPI transactions at present.
  • Send and Request money Instantly.
  • Merchants Payment to QR Code.
  • Safe and Secure – Two factor Authentication.


1) What is UPI?
  • Unified Payments Interface, abbreviated as UPI, is a digital cashless payment system enabled through an Smartphone. The service has been launched by the National Payments Corporation of India (NCPI) and is backed by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).
2) How can I activate UPI ?
  • Step-1 Customer needs to have ADC Bank Debit Card and Mobile Banking service activated in account.
  • Step-2 With any smartphone device customer needs to download any UPI apps like (BHIM / Google Pay / Phonepe).
  • Step-3 Customer needs to register in the application, Registration process varies with different apps.
  • Step-4 Select “The Ahmedabad District Co-Operative Bank Ltd.” and link your account.
  • Step-5 Customer needs to set UPI PIN and then account will be registered and ready to use.
3) What is the time frame or duration for the payee to receive the funds?
  • Generally, funds are credited into the account of the payee instantaneously.
4) Is there any fee or charge levied for using UPI?
  • At present, there are no charges or transaction fee levied for carrying out UPI transactions.
5) What is the upper limit for the number of transactions for sending and collecting money?
  • On a daily basis, not more than Rs.25,000 can be sent. On a per-transaction basis the upper limit is Rs.10,000. This, however, may be subject to change as per bank policy.
6) What is an UPI PIN?
  • A UPI PIN, also referred to as m-PIN, is a secret code that is used to initiate fund transfers and make collect requests. No transaction will be authorised without this PIN.
7) In case a transaction has failed or is declined, will the customer get his/her money back?
  • In cases where a transaction has failed, has been timed out, declared void, etc, the funds will be re-credited into the customer’s account within T+1 working days.
  • If the money is not refunded within this period of time, Kindly contact the customer care representative as soon as possible or write an email to upi[at]adcbank[dot]coop.