Mission & Vision


  • To encourage the saving habits in the rural area
  • To establish Primary Agriculture Societies and other co-operative societies in the area of operation and to nurse them.
  • To provide all types of financial services as banker to these co-operative societies.
  • To work for the upliftment of the farmers through PACs.
  • To finance the affiliated Co-operative societies.
  • To provide all the banking services to these societies.
  • To prepare and implement credit programs for these societies.
  • To monitor the activities and progress of these societies.
  • To provide liquidity to these societies.
  • To encourage Co-operative movement in the districts under its area of operation.
  • To provide Door to Door Banking Services to the Farmers and Rural public.
  • To provide finance for modernization of farming in our area of operation.


  • Development of the Co-operative Societies.
  • Interconnectivity of Branches as well as PACs.
  • CORE Banking
  • Promotion of K.C.C.
  • Educations to Farmer
  • Promotion of Agro Processing Activities.
  • All round economic progress of farmers.